MTW1694 - Internation Oppertunity Live In Nanny Governess / Tutor - Enquiry

Job Description for Tutor:    

Summary:   Having great expertise in teaching all school curriculum in English (as a first language) and French (as a second language) for kids from the age of 2 years till 8 years.

Speak native English & French

Age should be between 30 – 45 years old.

Full time work for - minimum - one year  


The tutor will:  

Supervise the nannies.

Learn the children everything about protocols, etiquettes and how to deal with others.

Study, support and follow up all English/French school curriculums with the children.

Coordinate with the school administration to follow up the progress of the children.

Arrange and plan for the children's activities, events, parties and carnivals.

Help in Choosing clothes, gifts and presents for whatever events and occasions.

Plan and execute good sport activities/ programs for the children.


To apply please send your cv to

To be able to apply you must have a valid passport with no restrictions to enter any countries.

DBS, First Aid Trained And Excellent References.


Supervise and follow up the daily meals/food.

Salary £5000/£6000 NET per month

(Saudi Arabia )

Business hours and contact info

Mon - Fri     9.30am to 6.30pm
Sat   Answer Machine Service Only
Sun   Answer Machine Service Only

Mob:   07799441671


Any time
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