MTW1704 - Nursery practitioner ) Level 2 & 3 - Enquiry

Full Time:  8.25hr/day between the hours of 7.30am and 6.30pm, Monday to Fridays (excluding Bank Holidays)

General Responsibilities: ·      

To support the emotional, social and educational development of the children in your group ·      

To look after the environment, its materials, its furniture and its fixtures. This includes some cleaning and dusting ·      

Everyday communication between staff – to attend staff meetings as necessary and appropriate ·      

Everyday communication with the parents of the children in your group – as requested and directed by the Head of the Room ·     Participation in general duties in the school – dishwasher and washing machine rotas, material making and some repairs ·       Preparation and Attendance of Parents Evenings (twice a year) and other Parent/Customer support activities. ·      

Record keeping and other admin as requested and directed by Head of Room or Principal. ·      

In this role you may have some junior staff supervisory duties, may be responsible for planning and evaluating of areas of the curriculum, responsible to initiate, plan, carry out and evaluate some admin duties.      

Also any other relevant duty that can be justifiably asked of you by the Head of Room or the Principal.

Level 2 17,000-18,000 depending on experience

Level 3 18,000 - 19,000 depending on experience


(Kennington OX1)

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