MTW1710 - Part time nanny - Enquiry

Lovely returning client with two boys (who are 6 and 8, very sweet and well-behaved) who would be available on ad hoc basis outside school hours.


On such occasions it will mean a pick up the boys from school at 5pm and bring them home, make them supper etc and look after them for a few hours (how long will depend on the occasion). Typically the hours would be 5pm to 9pm.

The dates would vary – and therefore would be dependent on the nanny’s availability, and the client would normally be able to give several weeks’ advance notice.

It would average out to about twice a month.

Driver with own car essential. 

Dates will vary but for example June 13th and June 28th  and beyond.

Nanny with child welcome. 

(Witney OX29)

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