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Latest news from Mum's the Word

House Festival, Soho House.

Rachel Elliott from our Berks and Surrey branch recently had a great day out at Soho House in Richmond, rubbing shoulders with many celebrities such as Ant & Dec and Keith Lemon to name but a few!


I'm a nanny, get me out of here! With Dec  Keith Lemon  

New book recommendation

Stuttering and Success 

One Woman's journey to help her Son with his Stammering and Stuttering. "Right now my son is 6 years old, going on 16!. He is bright, funny - I think he is devastatingly hansom, but then a Mother should think that shouldn’t she ;-) At school I would say that he is pretty much middle of the road, progressing nicely in reading, writing and his favorite - maths. I only tell you this to build up a picture of a little boy that isn’t academically bright, although highly creative, but he also isn’t backward in any way, in fact the one area I would say he excels in would be leadership. At age 6 he is always in charge of the games with his chums. He comes up the ideas and he orchestrates the unfolding games. I sometimes worry that he is bossy - but my Husband always corrects me and says that he is a born Leader, and all his friends are more than happy to follow his lead... well 99% of the time! 
The only thing that I worry about for my wonderful boy is that he stutters.


3 New franchisees!

Really excited to welcome aboard 3 new ladies.

Hannah Bampton, an experienced nanny is running our Surrey branch. 

Cheryl Leigh, an experienced nanny and now mother is running our Kensington & Chelsea branch.

And Beverley Marshall who has a wealth of experience as a mother and nanny and now running our Sussex branch.

They all bring a wealth of experience and are ready to help you with your enquiries.