Hiring a nanny is a big decision – and hiring the right nanny can be the best decision you ever make for you and your family.

When you are a busy parent, holding down a job and keeping on top of housework, while entertaining, socialising and educating the children can be exhausting! 

Not to mention the logistics of being at work and home at the same time… 

Even if your children go to nursery or school, the hours that they can be there often don’t tie in well with your work hours; there may be school holidays to navigate and getting quality “me time” is almost impossible.

If you work from home, things can also be tricky when the children are around. You know that constant guilt of “I’m working but I should be spending time with the children / I’m spending time with the children but I should be working / I need a break but the children need me”? Yes, so many parents can relate to that one.

How Can Hiring a Nanny Be the Solution?

Hiring a Nanny can help massively with all this exhaustion, multi-tasking and feeling guilty. The children are cared for, whatever happens. You’re able to work the hours that your job needs and then come home to happy children who are fed and ready to spend some quality time with you. 

It can actually lead to you spending MORE quality time with your children – the kind of time that makes memories, smiles, giggles… the kind of quality time you wish you could have more of. 

Nannies are not Just for Working Parents

 I remember having a vision of maternity leave being relaxing – walks in the park, making friends at baby groups, shopping for baby clothes, time to knit and do all those jobs around the house that have been waiting forever…

(Cue knowing smirks from anybody who has ever been through maternity leave – especially you over there with the twins…). 

Reality was er… a little different. I was exhausted! And keeping the house ship-shape? Forget it. And to be completely honest (*whispers*) I really wasn’t hugely enthusiastic about toddler groups. I did it anyway, I didn’t want my toddler missing out. But I would probably have happily parted with a kidney for someone else to do the social stuff!

Quality Time with the Children

Some people think that if they hire a Nanny that means they’re doing less with the children. That’s not the case, actually the opposite is true! 

You can go to work (or work from home) knowing that your children are happy and looked after. You have more energy and time to spend with the children. 

To your children, time together isn’t counted in minutes, it’s counted in fun, love, smiles and joy! If a Nanny will free you up to achieve more of that as a family, I can’t think of a better reason to give it a try.